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Phoenix, AZ - Desert West Skatepark
Encanto Park / Desert West Skatepark
6602 W Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85035
GPS 33.474570,-112.202307

Date Opened 1997
Square Footage 20,000
Phase 1 N/A, Phase 2 (bowl) Grindline
The Lowdown Desert West Skatepark
Rating 7
Encanto Skatepark photo

Encanto Park/Desert West skatepark is a classic in the valley of the sun. This park was originally built in 1997 featuring a wide open street plaza, capped on the western edge by a series of hipped quarterpipes surrounding a volcano. While all of this is tame and at most chest high, there is now a new reason to venture here.
That reason is Grindline's bowl addition to the far end of the existing park. This 2,000sf bowl is 9' in the deep with a 4' shallow end. The bowl has tiered steps to carve over, and a clamshell that goes slightly over vert. It's smooth, fast, and finished with metal coping.
Desert West has lights for night sessions, but be warned, it's overrun by people not skating. You'll find lots of lurkers, empty/broken bottles, and cigarette butts in the bowl. Cigarette butts + Spitfire wheels = instant flatspots!
Desert West skate park gets a rating of 7 flat-spotting cigarette butts out of 10.

+ Sick new Grindline bowl with clamshell
+ Good mix of transition and street elements
- At night there are more lurkers than skaters hanging out there
? I've never walked on so much broken glass lining the park...

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Map & Directions Encanto / Desert West Skatepark

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Directions to Encanto Park / Desert West Skate Park
10 Fwy Eastbound - exit 67th Ave, left at 67th Ave. Park is on the right one mile down.
10 Fwy Westbound - exit 67th Ave, right at 67th Ave. Park is on the right one mile down.